Supporting Balance Below

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This is a vaginal steam to support the balance of good & “bad” bacteria in your vagina while strengthening & supporting your uterus & the blood flowing through it. Contains enough for 6 steams.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailments. Use at your own discretion.

More about this method of steaming:

This is a practice in which a woman sits or squats over steaming pot of water infused with herbs. It's a form of hydrotherapy which has historically been used to cleanse the uterus, release toxins, promote fertility, strengthen the reproductive organs after child birth, relieve symptoms of PMS, ease blood clotting during the menstrual cycle, and promote an over all sense of well being. 

How do I know I need a Vaginal Steam?

Many women do vaginal steams as a self-care practice, while others are seeking relief from symptoms such as:

  • Dark blood during menstrual cycle
  • Post miscarriage
  • After childbirth
  • Irregular cycles
  • Menstrual pain or cramps
  • Endometriosis 
  • Pelvic pain
  • PCOS, Fibroids, Ovarian Cyst
  • Uterine Prolapses 
  • Infertility
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Preventative care- 1 week before menstrual cycle
  • Menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness

 ⚠️ Vaginal steams should not be used if you are:

  • Pregnant or think you may be pregnant!
  • Bleeding or menstruating 
  • If you have an IUD or another contraceptive device in place.
  • Have a vaginal infection
  • Have any open wounds on the vagina
  • When trying to support infertility, always be aware of contraindications with what you are already doing.

Also, I am not a doctor. Please consult one before using any product you are unsure of. This information comes from research through my herbal studies, specifically from Your Venus Power, LLC.